Wednesday, November 30, 2011


So, I'm starting a fun new project with a great friend of mine that I'm really incredibly excited about.  It's a new blog, hence the total lack of posting here.  I don't think anyone really reads this anyways, but I'm feeling really guilty about neglecting my "baby" (a blog all about my baby and my first blog).

We have had a great couple of months, filled with visiting lots of family, and it's only going to continue the next month through the holidays.  We've visited Fredericksburg to see Payton's dad and the rest of the family.  We visited my parents for Thanksgiving and got to see my whole side of the family.  And we're traveling to Carmine this weekend to see Payton's mom, stepfather, sister and her entire family.

We love visiting family and lately Eli is really connecting with people, so it's fun to see him around the kids and his grandparents.

Here are just a few pictures of our past few weeks

At the Driftwood Winery with my mom.

Austin Children's Museum for Eli's buddy's birthday party.

Goats in Fredericksburg.

Attempting to do Thanksgiving crafts with Eli, he wasn't interested.

Helping mom with the Christmas decorations.

He's about to get into something!

I hid the sidewalk chalk and he crawled in the flowerbed after it.

My Bug!

My little David Beckham.

Hanging out with dad.

Happy Turkey Day!

Stealing cherry pie from Papa.

Ready to head out for family pictures.

Making Christmas cookies with Nonna.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloweeny!

We celebrated Eli's first "real" Halloween last night.  I say first "real" Halloween because last year he was way too young to understand what was going on.  This year, he was able to walk around, have a piece of candy, and watch all the big kids run around the streets.

The night was overall pretty low-key.  We went to a few houses in our cul-de-sac and collected candy.  He picked out a sucker at one of our first stops and sucked on that thing for about 20 minutes.  By the end, he had drooled so much over it that the entire front of his costume was wet and sticky, as was his arm the entire length from his hand to his elbow. 

We ended the night around 7:30 with homemade posole (yummy!) and some Shiner Light Blonde after Eli went to bed. 

Overall, I think Halloween (candy) will be a hit in our house for years to come.

Oh, and on Sunday, we attended the Goblins in the Gardens party at the Lade Bird Johnson Wildlife Center.  While there were TONS of people, the parking was terrible, there was no food, and Eli was so ready for a nap, we had fun seeing all of the cute costumes.  Eli wore his lion costume to the event and to dinner afterwards.  He fell asleep as soon as we put him in his stroller to leave, but here is a picture of him and Payton watching the puppet show.