Thursday, October 20, 2011

Obession breeds obsession.

My last obsession that I haven't fully dealt with was Pinterest.  Any down time I get, I'm on Pinterest:  on my phone, on the ipad, on the computer.  And contrary to what some might think, I have actually done a few projects that I've pinned.  I've even claimed to be wearing a "pinterest"outfit.  Yes, I've actually said those words out loud, to a stranger, who commented that she liked my style. 

Well, some jerk posted my new obsession on Pinterest today and now I really am screwed.  This blog:  Organizing Made Fun.  Ask anyone who has known me for more than a week and they'll tell you that I'm a little compulsive about being organized.  I'm always looking for ways to organize any little space that I find myself in.  And my desk typically looks like this even when I really am drowning in a crazy work file out, one file put up.

So, naturally, I would be totally obsessed with this Organizing Made Fun jazz. 

And as a working mom, I was totally drawn to the post about keeping your house clean in just 15 minutes a day.  I prettied up and personalized the version she posts on her site.  I printed it out at work this afternoon and will be posting it on our fridge tonight when I get home:

So my plan tonight is to clean a bathroom after dinner and spend the weekend purging all of the wedding gifts that we don't use (rice cooker, seriously, we only do instant rice in my house these days).

Up for discussion:  should guests help clean when they're staying at our house, pay their way?  Just kidding mom, I won't ask you to do Monday's chores while you're here this week!

I love shopping...

I've always loved shopping!  I remember shopping with my mom when I was younger,  and even when I was in college and would visit over Thanksgiving.  The guys would go hunting, and my mom and I would go to the Galleria in the morning and spend the entire day shopping.  "Do you need a gift receipt?", "Um no, we're shopping for ourselves today, thank you". 

When I was pregnant, shopping for myself slowed down because the last thing I wanted to do was spend any money on myself at a size I didn't plan on staying at after Eli was born.  I remember thinking how much fun it would be to shop for him once he arrived and as the seasons changed.

I love little girl clothes and really worried after he was born that I wouldn't have much fun shopping for a boy, but over the past few months, as he has completely grown out of little boy clothes, onesies, non-cute clothing, and grown into a little man, litterally, A LITTLE MAN, I have had so much fun picking out new outfits for him.

I love me a sale, so today during lunch, I hit up a store near my office and grabbed him a load of goodies, all at 40% off, then an additional 20% off with a random coupon I recieved in the mail.

And then while actually working at work this afternoon, I caught an ad on a website for 40% off at  I've realized that I am the sucker who always falls for the totally-target advertising that some people feel randomly comes up when their online.  "Oh my gosh, I was just looking at that rug on the Pottery Barn website, and now it's on the side bar of my do they know?!?!?" 

This stuff will be perfect for our Christmas trip to Santa Fe!

Oh, and I finally found a pair of Toms that fit Eli's flinstone feet and couldn't resist.  Payton says he looks like a ninja, I think they're perfect, and Eli, he could care less.

This just goes to show that if I ever have a girl, I'm screwed, I'll be poor forever!